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New Partnership between Digital Promise and Goldstar Education Sets Out to Improve Edtech Purchasing

Creation of custom dashboards to help school- and district-level decision-makers identify the most impactful edtech products for their learners

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 | London, United Kingdom - Goldstar Education is partnering with U.S.-based Digital Promise Global (d/b/a Digital Promise) to develop a new version of Goldstar’s trailblazing EdTech Diagnostics Dashboard to streamline edtech procurement decisions for districts.

Through this partnership, Digital Promise and Goldstar will collaborate with district leaders across the United States to identify the most pressing questions about edtech tools to inform procurement decisions. The resulting interactive dashboard will provide continuous clarity and transparency around edtech procurement by elevating information about product quality, such as Goldstar Edtech Diagnostics, Digital Promise’s product certifications, and initiatives led by partner organizations, to help school- and district-level leaders make evidence-based decisions on what edtech might be most impactful for their learners’ needs.

“Digital Promise has long been committed to improving the edtech marketplace and purchasing experience for education leaders,” said Digital Promise President and CEO Jean-Claude Brizard. “We are excited to partner with Goldstar Education and utilize their trailblazing research and technology to build on our edtech marketplace initiatives and provide reliable evidence to decision-makers that can significantly improve learning outcomes.”

Goldstar Education’s existing Edtech Diagnostics tool is built on its own highly secure platform and can support multiple end-to-end product certification processes, as well as revealing the educational impact potential of edtech products—serving to empower edtech buyers, investors, funders, and policymakers with the knowledge of which products will most likely deliver on companies’ learning outcome claims.

“Access to high-quality education for all has long been one of the greatest opportunities of well-designed learning technologies. At Goldstar, our research and products are all built to contribute to raising the standard of EdTech to fulfill its potential to serve students,” said Goldstar’s founder and CEO, Dr Anissa Moeini, PhD, MA, iBBA. Goldstar’s research and diagnostic products are based on Dr Moeini’s doctoral study, which was conducted at University College London, the world’s No. 1 university for education.

She adds, “Goldstar’s research and diagnostics are a missing piece of the puzzle in the EdTech ecosystem. We are thrilled that together with Digital Promise, our District Procurement Dashboards will support school districts across America to put the most trustworthy, equitable and educationally impactful EdTech products in front of learners.”

Goldstar Education and Digital Promise will follow multiple design cycles with district leaders in the United States to develop the dashboard components over the next year. Once launched, the dashboard will continuously collect data with an ongoing process of co-design and improvement.

Goldstar’s Director of Research, Professor Alison Clark-Wilson (University College London), who will lead the design-based research, said, “There is no doubt that in an over-crowded edtech marketplace, buyers all over the world need help to make the best decisions for the learners that they serve. This trail-blazing project will enable us to work with school districts, edtech developers and school leaders to find that sweet spot whereby the most equitable and effective tools find their way to the hands of teachers, learners, parents, and caregivers.”

Digital Promise’s product certifications offer educators and administrators trustworthy information about edtech based on research-driven criteria; edtech developers who apply for a product certification must provide specific evidence to demonstrate that the tool meets the criteria. In this partnership, Digital Promise will work with Goldstar Education to continue to help districts leverage certification status to drive procurement decisions.

“Digital Promise has worked with district leaders from the League of Innovative Schools for over a decade to support edtech evaluation and procurement decision making,” said Sierra Noakes, Marketplace Project Director at Digital Promise. “Working with Goldstar Education to build this dashboard will help make the solutions we’ve built with district leaders more actionable, accessible, and scalable to support evidence-based decision making and ultimately connect students with equitably designed tools that offer powerful learning experiences.”

Press Contacts:

Victoria Hart

Goldstar Education

Erica Weinschenk Digital Promise

About Goldstar Education

Goldstar Education is on a mission to raise the quality of EdTech products globally by helping all to identify EdTech to Trust. Goldstar’s trailblazing EdTech diagnostics measure the educational impact potential of EdTech products to empower EdTech buyers, investors, funders and policymakers with the knowledge of which products will likely deliver on companies’ learning outcome claims. Goldstar offers inclusive services to companies to help learn how they can build, test and generate evidence - supporting them to develop their superpowers to build high quality and equitable products that deliver on their learning promise.

About Digital Promise

Digital Promise is a global nonprofit working to expand opportunity for every learner. We work with educators, researchers, technology leaders, and communities to design, investigate, and scale innovations that support learners, especially those who’ve been historically and systematically excluded. Our vision is that every person engages in powerful learning experiences that lead to a life of well-being, fulfillment, and economic mobility. For more information, visit the Digital Promise website and follow Digital Promise for updates.


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