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Buyers & Procurement 

Gain clarity prior to making purchasing decisions about learning technologies. Commission Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ to assess the trustworthiness of EdTech products you are considering. We manage the process end-to-end with the EdTech enterprise, and provide you with bespoke reporting to inform your decision-making. 

Empowering your decision-making 

As someone with the responsibility to choose EdTech products that need to serve a wide range of people and purposes, it can be hard to be know the exact product to buy. This is especially difficult when multiple products claim to achieve the same educational goals.

Our process

Once you've identified potential products, we liaise with each of the enterprises that have built them to collate evidence on if, and how their product is likely to work in your context (or not).  Our holistic approach explores the enterprise's processes, mindsets, capacities and assets. The resulting report identifies related strengths and weaknesses and a clear indication of how well the product is likely to meet your institution's particular needs.

For example

A university is looking for a learning tool to support first year undergraduate students with their academic writing.  The university has identified four possible product solutions that claim to do this well. However, it is not obvious which product is most likely to deliver on its promise. Previously, the university had been embarrassed by the underuse of some EdTech solutions and financial decisions had been questioned by the university board.  By commissioning four Goldstar Diagnostics (one on each product), the procurement team gained valuable insights into the evidence behind each enterprise's claims. This saved the university resources in terms of the time and cost of due diligence processes.  In addition, the university inserted clauses into the procurement contract requiring the chosen enterprise to repeat the diagnostic annually to ensure high product standards were maintained, and indeed improved upon. Goldstar's EdTech Diagnostics created a more efficient and de-risked process for the university which is why it is now embedded in their procurement processes. 

Our research

Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ are the result of ground-breaking research on identifying better metrics for evaluating EdTech,  conducted at the UCL IOE Faculty of Education and Society, the world's No. 1 University for Education Research. 

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