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Raising the standard of EdTech products globally.


Empowerment: We empower education stakeholders to understand if and how EdTech products can achieve desired educational outcomes. 

Encouragement: We support EdTech enterprises with the know-how to build the most educationally impactful products.

Excellence: We reward excellence in enterprises that build EdTech products we can all trust. 


Empathy: We choose our team, partners and advisors to lead with empathy and alignment with our mission for high quality education that is universally accessible and equitable.


Universal education and education equity - a world where everyone has access to a high quality education.

Our Journey So Far



New Partnership between Digital Promise and Goldstar Education Sets Out to Improve EdTech Purchasing. Creation of custom dashboards to help school and district level decision-makers identify the most impactful EdTech products for their learners



Goldstar releases its diagnostic tool to clients globally.  Goldstar begins validation of the tool beyond EdTech to guide and certify mission-driven enterprises in the greater social enterprise community.

Founder's Manifesto

A note from Dr. Anissa Moeini:


Unlocking EdTech’s potential to fulfill its promise.


“Technology products are dynamic, and in particular, emerging technology products pivot at a fast pace; however, research is generally slow and measured. Research must fit into the world of technology if it is to work for entrepreneurs of emerging EdTech companies.” (Moeini, 2020)


At Goldstar, our team wants to contribute to a world where all humanity has universal access to high quality education. Education in the 2000s doesn’t look so different from education in the 1900- a teacher from 100 years ago would not be so out of place in most school classrooms today. We know EdTech has a big part to play in enriching the educational experience of learners. We work to fill critical gaps in knowledge with rigorous, world-class research that supports us to move to the new era of education. 


Around the world, thousands of startups are working to develop digital tools and resources to address countless global, national and local educational needs. Our research is dedicated to uncovering the Superpowers of impactful EdTech companies and unlocking the potential of their products to serve learners.


We are committed to expanding beyond the education space, acknowledging that our impact measurement tools are sector agnostic, and though education is our passion, our tool will help social enterprises building healthtech, greentech and beyond.

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If you are:

  • a startup that wants to measure your impact potential,

  • an accelerator supporting EdTech enterprises develop their impact narrative, 

  • a learner, teacher or buyer that is unsure who to trust when choosing a new product, 

  • an investor who wants feedback on the potential of companies you are looking to work with, or

  • a foundation looking for great companies to support, 

reach out to us- we'd love to meet you.  

Our values are encouragement, empowerment, excellence and empathy and we strive to bring them into all that we do.  We look forward to the possibility of working with you to achieve our common mission and raise the quality of education to new heights.  


Dr. Anissa Moeini, PhD, MA, iBBA 

Founder & CEO, Goldstar Education Ltd.

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