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EdTech Diagnostics


Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ 



EdTech to Trust.™


For Buyers+Procurement 

Gain clarity prior to purchasing decisions. You commission Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ to assess the trustworthiness of EdTech you are considering. We manage the process with the EdTech enterprise and provide you with a bespoke assessment. 

For Investors+Funders  


Advisory to supercharge your investment decisions. You commission Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ to reveal blind spots in the assessment of EdTech products, and the teams behind them. We produce a bespoke report on the potential of EdTech Products to deliver on their educational promise with indications of how to best support teams to build the most impactful products. 

For EdTech Enterprises  


Support to help you stand out from your competitors.

You commission EdTech Diagnostics™ to help you assess how well you are doing as you work to build impactful EdTech products. Your leadership team completes a 45-min assessment and we provide you with a score, and bespoke report that indicates next steps. Once you achieve a high score, you'll be eligible to apply for our EdTech to Trust™ certification.

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Bespoke support to identify your specific needs. Book an intro call to work together. 

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Certified EdTech to Trust™ 

Companies that achieve high scores on the Goldstar Diagnostic Assessment are eligible for certification.

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