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EdTech Enterprises 

Our smart diagnostics help you build the most impactful EdTech products and stand head and shoulders above the competition. Book Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ today to benchmark your product's current impact potential and learn how to grow your team's superpowers. We will teach you how to become a certified EdTech to Trust.™

Empowering your decision-making 

When developing high quality EdTech products, it can be challenging for leadership teams to allocate what can be limited resources to a long "to-do" list. Researching the impact of your product can be low down this list, while the majority of stakeholders want to know if and how your product works in their specific context. Our research has identified the superpowers that trustworthy EdTech companies need to develop to build the most educationally impactful products. 

Our process

The route to high impact EdTech products begins with Goldstar EdTech DiagnosticsTM. Once booked, your entire leadership team is invited complete a 45-minute online survey (individually). This reveals the team's insights into the necessary processes, mindsets, capacities and assets to build an impactful product.  The resulting report provides a roadmap for both team and product development.  Bespoke follow-up workshops, training and consultancy are offered, as required, to accelerate the impact potential of your product. 

For example

An EdTech enterprise has 20 employees and their product is stable and in use in 17 US universities. The enterprise is looking to raise funds to support expansion to more universities and to accelerate the build of a new feature. The company is unsure of the educational impact potential of the product, that is, if and how the product will scale for learners in the new market. They commission Goldstar to run their EdTech Diagnostics. The resulting report revealed that due to a lack of expertise in the leadership team, there was insufficient evidence of their product's educational impact to date. Follow-on consultancy from Goldstar resulted in the development of a specific strategy, and a bespoke workshop to build team capacity. The company has now developed a partnership with Goldstar whereby all of their products are checked annually using Goldstar Diagnostics, and the respective product teams participate in bespoke workshops.

Our research

Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ are the result of ground-breaking research on identifying better metrics for evaluating EdTech,  conducted at the UCL IOE Faculty of Education and Society, the world's No. 1 University for Education Research. 

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