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Press Release: Goldstar to work with Digital Promise on NSF-funded VITAL Prize Challenge

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Goldstar Education announces a high-profile collaboration with Digital Promise as part of the $6m National Science Funded Visionary Interdisciplinary Teams Advancing Learning (VITAL) Prize Challenge to support the next generation of equitable learning technologies.

The VITAL Prize Challenge will incentivise interdisciplinary teams, who must be US-based, to create innovative and translational K-12 learning technologies that synthesise recent discoveries in science and engineering with educational and training processes. There are three tracks, which focus on:

  • Rapid and Continuous Learning Assessment;

  • Mathematical Literacy to Promote a Future STEM Workforce; and

  • Other Innovations in Translational Learning Technologies.

100 teams will be invited to the Discovery round, which will be successively reduced to 9 teams who will receive up to $250,000 in cash prizes to work towards product prototype development and validation.

Goldstar Education will provide bespoke workshops and support for the teams to raise their awareness of the 6 Superpowers of the most impactful edtech companies. Goldstar’s inputs will enable the teams to learn how to create the most educationally impactful products and tools that are driven by robust educational research evidence and data, and communicate this information to future funders, investors, purchasers and, most importantly districts, schools, teachers, parents and learners.

Press contact:

Goldstar Education

About Goldstar Education

Goldstar Education is on a mission to raise the quality of EdTech products globally by helping all to identify EdTech to Trust. Goldstar’s trailblazing EdTech diagnostics measure the educational impact potential of EdTech products to empower EdTech buyers, investors, funders and policymakers with the knowledge of which products will likely deliver on companies’ learning outcome claims. Goldstar offers inclusive services to companies to help learn how they can build, test and generate evidence - supporting them to develop their superpowers to build high quality and equitable products that deliver on their learning promise.

About Digital Promise

Digital Promise is a global nonprofit working to expand opportunity for every learner. We work with educators, researchers, technology leaders, and communities to design, investigate, and scale innovations that support learners, especially those who’ve been historically and systematically excluded. Our vision is that every person engages in powerful learning experiences that lead to a life of well-being, fulfillment, and economic mobility. For more information, visit the Digital Promise website and follow @digitalpromise for updates.

About VITAL Prize

Visit to learn more about the challenge and receive key details, dates, and deadlines as they are released. Sign up for the mailing list and reach out to us with questions at


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